Architectural model "parallel space and time", "encounter", "period ? encounter", "garden surprised dream" On May 13, zhengzhou university in 2018, institute of architectural arts festival and the "blue cup" the 8th building contest the curtain zhengzhou university source stadium, 13 teams, 104, after 8 hours of continuous fighting, 520 pieces of corrugated board to a "castle" story.

It is understood that this construction competition takes "narrative montage" as the theme, that is, by juxtaposing or overlapping the materials according to the logic of views, a work with constituent effects can be formed. In the design process of the scheme, it is necessary to convey the event of the project or a concept to the audience.

Activities by participants in the creative design of a story can be put into your "container" (space), requires that each team will design with both material in eight hours, completing and sitcoms. The construction materials are 5mm*800mm*1600mm corrugated board, and other auxiliary materials are mainly bolts, transparent tape and tool knives.

In the early stage, creative design, line marking, tool cutting, folding and nesting 520 corrugated board, fixed with adhesive tape and 39 kg screws, and repeatedly checked the stability of the work Finally, under the teamwork of the team members, the simple corrugated cardboard materials become "story castle", flat as a three-dimensional space.

Fu yifan, a 2017 student from the school of architecture, said: "team spirit is very important. The main purpose of this activity is to investigate the leader's leadership and coordination ability, team members' cooperation and practice ability."

It is reported that the construction competition has become the characteristic brand activity of zhengzhou university school of architecture, and the competition has been held for eight consecutive years. The purpose of this activity is to broaden students' theoretical design ideas through practice, to give full play to their potential in creative cooperation, to cultivate team spirit and improve their practical ability.