The length of the corrugated board accuracy is very important, if there is a cardboard length is differ, will affect the carton size, at the same time can also affect the ability of the production cost, so long cardboard cutting precision is very important, so what is causing the inconsistent cut long?

Cause analysis:??

(1) unstable speed of dryer;

(2) there is paper wool or damage to gears and bearings between the gear of crosscutting tool;

(3) the running resistance of single-side cardboard of overpass is too high;

(4) excessive braking tension of surface paper;

(5) the transmission belt of the dryer is slippery;

(6) the meshing clearance of the stepless gear of the crosscutting machine is too large or the rotation chain is aging and relaxing;

(7) the crosscutting control program is disordered and subject to strong magnetic field interference.


(1) check whether the main motor of the dryer is short of phase, whether the voltage is stable, and whether the bearing is damaged;

(2) remove the scraps of paper between the rotating gear of the root cutter and replace the gear bearing;

(3) add lubricating oil or replace bearings to each paper roller of the bridge without flexible rotation, and adjust and control the vacuum adsorption air volume of single paper;

(4) reduce the power of papermaking;Conveyor belt

(5) often clean the dryer, and keep the dryer hot plate clean, conveyor belt skid phenomenon occurring in a production right spray a small amount of water can alleviate, on which the paper dryer idling, pay attention to avoid no losses so as to reduce the transmission belt and direct friction of hot plate, or transmission with rough surface is smooth, easy to cause slipping phenomenon;

(6) correct the clearance between the stepless variable speed gears, replace the new chain or adjust the chain properly, and tighten the device;

(7) eliminate strong magnetic field interference.